Planet Pickers

Querétaro, Mexico

We are a Mexican family of pickers who are busy bringing fresh foods of the highest quality to your table to take care of your health without sacrificing that of the Planet.
We travel around picking naturally grown products without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemicals and under the ideal weather conditions that only their place of origin can offer.

During their long walks of conquest, the Aztecs survived on the basis of raw food to avoid lighting fires that could catch the attention of their enemies and betray them. It is so since the time of the tiny seeds of chia and were considered a superfood thanks to its high content of omega, fiber, calcium, antioxidants and protein.

After being displaced by other grains and seeds during the colonization and being thrown into oblivion to hide its indigenous legacy, today the chia regains strength in the Mexican countryside and invade the world with its mythical powers.

We offer you organic wholesale black chia seeds by bulk and for retail in two presentations:
907 g
300 g

Contact information
sendero de la fantasia 34
Milenio 3
Querétaro, Querétaro
Tel: 442-4373278
Tel: 442-4373278